The offshore cables will make landfall near to Skipsea on the North Sea coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire, approximately halfway between Bridlington and Hornsea.

Following the statutory consultation, we have chosen to progress with Landfall Zone 8 which is situated within an area of sandy beach, backed by cliffs topped with agricultural land with Skipsea lying to the west. This location delivers the following advantages:

  • Provides beach emergency access without accessing Seaside Caravan Park at Ulrome;
  • Avoids the Holderness Inshore Marine Conservation Area;
  • Simplifies the earthworks required for the Horizontal Direction Drill compound
Landfall map

Transition joint bays

At the landfall point, the offshore cables will connect to the onshore cables in transition joint bays.

The transition joint bays provide a dry protected environment where the onshore and offshore cables are joined. They are generally buried at depth, allowing most land to be returned to uses such as agriculture after construction.

Indicative image of transition joint bays during construction.